About Roberto Archundia Pineda

astorga"This work has been, since it's conception, a pictorial exercise of emotional reconstruction; It is, essentially, the ferocious practice of Mexican popular urbanity, with those same words that the environment proposes….and that through my own gests and voices reveal themselves to the paintings" (translation from the original Spanish version "Ruta 32" R. Archundia, Feb. 2001)

Roberto was born in Mexico City, on September 1974. He studied graphic design at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City. "Roberto has also worked extensively as an artist, illustrator, designer, and freelance writer. He is a visual arts teacher at UIA University in Mexico City.

Individual Exhibits include:

2001 "Chez Laure: Paris," Les Evidences"- Casa Bouchon, Paris.
2001 "Visions of Ruta 32"- Casa de la Cultura, IMC, Morelia, Michoacan.
2001 "Sin Titulo" Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. 2000 "Ruins and Faces of Ruta 32" UIA Library, Mexico City, Mexico.
2000 "Ruta 32" Keahou Center, Kona Hawaii, USA.
2000 "Ruta 32" Casa Jaime Sabines, Mexico City, Mexico.
Collective Exhibits include:
1997 "Cinta Canela", Installation Uia, Mexico City, Mexico.
1997 "Petropolis", Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
1997 "MECYF", World Trade Center, Mexico City, Mexico.