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The Beginning

astorgaI was not born in the sea, I was born in October, and with autumn's inertia I compare the images in the shapes with the certainty of the drawing. These asseverations liquefy the memory, and contradict the school principle of all beginning. The academic studies are only testimonials of temptations, talisman of yearnings: happy yawn of the past. I look for the astonishment, the perplexity of the origin; multiple silences; the hug of the mystery, the flirtation of the echo. The dance of the shapes in the immobile line. The act of drawing, the speech of sight is in the ceremony of the pleasure...
The light is heard everywhere, shades of the contours: sinister ruse of the drawing.
The line is the topic, hair of the profanation: I banish of the dark clearing.
The color is humidity, lunch of the line: surface. To compose is the demolition of the space. Irregular plateau of the walls.
Pulsation of the hands in the rhythm, Idleness of the wind: purification of the exile.
These games of the words (lust of the fire) they don't try to explain a plastic work, but only to give way to the copulation of the murmurs.

About Sergio Astorga

Sergio was born in Mexico City, on October 1957. He studied both philosophy and graphic communication at the National University of Mexico. Sergio is both, a poet and a graphic artist. Often his work involves the mixture of artistic expressions. The continuous lines of his graphic work reflect the harmonious flow of his poetry.

Individual Exhibits include:

1996: "Ink Themes" Gandhi Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
1996: "Drawings" Mexican American Institute of Cultural Relations, Mexico City. Mexico.
1997: "The Meaty Deafness of the Avocado" Cultural Foundation Roberto Medellin, Mexico City, Mexico.
1998: "From Oaxaca to Sinaloa" Photographic Exhibition, Palace of the Municipality, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
1999-2000: "Current Works" Gina Dalma Gallery Collective Exhibits include:
1995: "Mail Art" Jose Clemente Orozco Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
1995: "Self-portraits" Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City, Mexico.
1996: "Something's Happening" National School of Fine Arts, Mexico City, Mexico.
1997: "The Proactive Book" National School of Fine Arts, Mexico City, Mexico.
1998: "We Are as We Are Painted" Domecq Cultural Center, Mexico City. Mexico.
1998: "Intervals" Mount Sinai Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico.

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Interveiw with Sergio Astorga

Where else have you lived that was influential to you?

At daylight the countries' interior, "as inside trees", disengage their roots. It is the place that I inhabit, my home. The exterior spaces are their visitors: Mexico City, a name of water and stone; the taste of orange, the upright walking; the helix of touch, the fine smell of dust. These are some of the cities that have influenced my rotation on this earth.

What have been the significant influences on your career as an artist?

The telluric desire to give name and images to the things of the world, traps and scares me. Civilization, art lives in this impulse and I am in it. We know nothing, we only participate in the memory of all the trying. Every dream is a try in time. What more influence can I ask for.

What inspires you?

The line that invents and follows the form, the shape. Cadence that leaves in its steps its novelty. The desire to rip the silence. To detach what is not reflected from a mirror. To murmur, in a wink of an eye, the signs that we are.

What do you like most about being an artist?

The freedom to say and stay silent. To feel the vertigo of the fall. To fill myself with yellow and think of a pillow. To understand that the beat of the world is an echo and that times burns it.

How would you describe what you think about when creating art?

Creation is a thirst of freezing waters. One sails, it looks like the port is close, but the birds tell you that at the end all there is walls. You have to start again. The thirst is not calmed even if you name it.

Who are your favorite artists?

If to name is to be named, the first one is Wilfred Lam, Cuban painter, his flavor of jungle, origin, it returns with the primitive image. Of Joan Miro the ethics of his clean imagination. Of Alexander Calder, the subtle play of spaces. Of Paul Klee, his monumental sense of spirit. Of Picasso, the virile impetus of his goings. Of Velarde, Mexican poet, his amazing wording. Of Octavio Paz, universal poet, his infinite lucidity. There are so many, that I am only the footprint of others.

What gives you pleasure in sharing your art with others?

To leave a light. To say that one of my pieces forms part of the vanities of a home, of an intimacy. That a piece of mine provides an incentive for the flight of imagination. To see things that I did not.

Favorite museums or other places to see art.

The Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the encounter and dislodging of knowledge and the Palace of Fine Arts, quiet marble of festive sounds, and the inevitable loving profile of books: cemetery of my best days.

What galleries are currently showing your work?

Gina Dalma Gallery
3201 Greer Roa, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Artist Statement

To invent worlds. To dance in space. To draw is a theatrical act. To put the drama on scene. The game of forever, that keeps us together. The one that allows our soul to sail. To allow light to become naked with a hug, a touch. Beautiful peace of the senses.

Other information

Poetry is my other passion.

What mediums do you work in?

Ink, watercolor and acrylic.

What sizes do you generally work in?

Sizes can depend in the longitude of lines and space. They may be standard or not.

What is your typical price range?


Will you do commissioned works?

Of course…the challenge of flight through suggestions is of the most attractive.

Best way for us to arrange a sale?

Through Gina Dalma Gallery

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