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The Beginning

"Jorge studied at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas and the Academia de San Carlos, two of the most distinguished art schools in Mexico. Jorge Obregón has become the descendant of the great Mexican landscapists, of Jose Ma. Velasco, Doctor Atl and Luis Nishizawa. The latter has been Jorge's teacher, for most of his career. To paint landscapes is not to reproduce what the artists sees in front of him, but it is more abstracting what makes sense to him, what appeals to his sensitivities, in the sense of proportion, light, and esthetics. More than the intrinsic value of a landscape, the artist that creates it has to have a developed capacity of observation to distinguish one appealing frame versus another."
-Teresa Del Conde

Jorge Obregón, young artist, walks through the world of art; totally engrossed with our landscapes of ample horizons, infinite…where often one looses one's sight and begins to dream…, more than paint, he sings with colors, the valleys, the hills and mountains, and most of all, the volcanoes, whose ability to possess envelops us all. I wish him a venturous future, because his youth and his passion for this genre will take him far…
-Luis Nishizawa

About Jorge Obregon

Jorge was born in Mexico City, Mexico March 7th, 1972. He studied Visual Arts in the National School of Arts in Mexico City, Mexico. He studied under Luis Nishisawa in Mexico, at the Centre d'Art I Natura, Farrera de Pallars, Cataluna, Spain and in the "Midnight Sun Project" in Levi, Finland. Jorge has been the recipient of many national and international prices, including the 1996 "Premio Internacional de Pintura a la Acuarela Sinaide Ghi" granted by the Accademia de San Luca Roma, Italia and the same year, the Second Bienal of Painting Hermenegildo Bustos in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Individual exhibits include:

1999 "Luz de Plata y Sol de Medianoche" Galeria Lourdes Chumacero, Mexico City, Mexico.
1999 "Llum del Pirineu Catala", Casa de la Cultura UAEM, Tlalpan, Mexico City Mexico.
1997 "Ritmos de la Naturaleza" Museum of the People, Guanajuato, Mexico.
1997 "Encuentro de Aire y Luz", Galeria Albatros, Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico.
1997 "Llum del Pirineu Catala", The Quiet Man, Barcelona, Spain.
1997 "Llum del Pirineu Catala", L'Estudi de Farrera de Pallars, Cataluna, Spain.
1996 "Volcanes de Mexico" Casa de Arte Nicandi Beu, Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico.
1995 "Geografia del Espacio" Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Mexico City, Mexico.

Recent collective exhibits include, among others:

1999 " Vistas y Conceptos, Aproximaciones al paisaje" Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico.
1999 " Pintura y Escultura Mexicana" Group pf the 16, Hacienda de los Morales. Mexico City, Mexico.
1999 "Art Contemporani de Muntanya", Arxiu Historic Comarcal de Sort, Spain.
1998 "Nishizawa and his Students" McAllen International Museum, Texas, USA

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Interveiw with Jorge Obregon

What inspired you to create your work?

The constant contact with nature, nurtured through mountain and rock climbing.

Where else have you lived that was influential to you?

Japan, Mount Fujiyama; Spain - the Pyrenees, and the Finish Laponia.

What have been the significant influences on your career as an artist?

Exhibitions of Impressionists and Mexican traveling landscapists. What inspires you? The experience of openness and freedom in nature

What do you like most about being an artist?

That I can create and live unique moments.

How would you describe what you think about when creating art?

More than think is perceive an innumerable amount of intense emotions and sensations that only nature can transmit.

Who are your favorite artists?

Dr. Atl, the famous Mexican landscapist, Monet, Van Gogh.

What gives you pleasure in sharing your art with others?

That people feel and understand my work.

Favorite museums or other places to see art.

Musee d'Orsay, Museo Nacional de Arte (Mexico DF), Metropolitan (N.Y.)

What galleries are currently showing your work?

The ArtGecko Gallery 2409 Sharon Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650) 520-8579

What mediums do you work in?

Egg yolk tempera, watercolor, oil, encaustic.

What sizes do you generally work in?

60x120 cm 60x90cm 100x180cm 30x50cm 46x120 cm .

What is your typical price range?

$800-$1,000 USD to $,3000-$5,000USD

Will you do commissioned works?


Best way for us to arrange a sale?

Through Gina Dalma Gallery

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